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June 16: Laundry, Swimming, S’mores, (more) Injuries, Candyland, and the Way Too Long Car Ride

Nick and I went to do laundry again. He brought his math workbook and a deck of cards to keep busy. When we drove back down to the RV, we saw the swimming pool was empty for once! We rushed back home and the boys changed into swim clothes. I gotta say, the background scenery for the pool is pretty amazing.

Nick had a great time, but Will was worried about getting his bandages wet so he didn’t go in. Once it started to get crowded, we left. On our way out, we grabbed some ice cream sandwiches from the campground store. (I also finally found the Y water connector in the store! Every Walmart we have been to have been out of them.)

Ben and the boys got a fire started and we roasted some s’mores. Ben made an amazing dinner over the coals. The boys took off riding bikes. Nick went down the small hill next to our camping spot. It seemed to be going well as he gained speed and his joyous “Yoohoo!” could be heard. Then he tumbled over the handle bars and fell. I was watching and still don’t really know how he fell. My guess is the tire caught on a rock when he went into the grass or he needs to learn more about front brakes. Luckily he had his helmet on and landed on the grass. So now his face is scratched up, he busted both lips, has a few scrapes on his legs. His two front teeth are sore, so we are keeping to soft foods.

To keep his attention off of his injuries, we took them to Candyland. It’s a big candy store nearby that they had been wanting to go to. They had all kinds of candy: chocolates, gummies, ice cream… Nick got an ice cream and Will got Sour Dots.

Afterwards, we drove up to Custer State Park so Ben could see the buffalo in person. It’s only about a 20 minute drive from the campground. We saw the begging burros, and only 2 buffalo (1 from far away). Two! I have no idea where the herds went that we saw just a few days ago. We also saw a pronghorn and some deer, but no prairie dogs. One of the deer just gave us a look like “What are you looking at? I’m eating here.”

The drive home took an hour! We went a different way home, not really sure why Waze sent us that way. We went through switchbacks, the pigtail bridges, and three more rock tunnels. It was gorgeous scenery, just not expecting it to take that long!

Driving down one of the pigtail bridges in Custer State Park.


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