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Thank you for reading along with our journey, we love reading the comments and connecting with everyone. If you would like to help support the blog in other ways, we have both a PayPal and Venmo account if you would like to donate to our adventures, buy us a coffee, or the boys an ice cream. 🙂

Ben’s e-book, The Night Before Christmas Campground Edition, is available on Amazon in both paperback and ebook.

We put together a travel journal! The Ulimate Travel Journal is currently available on Amazon in hardback, with a paperback option coming soon! Each page has an area for you to mark the date, the weather, and your location. There are fun travel-themed images on each page as well. The last few pages include a Places I’ve Been (a map to mark where you have been), Things I’ve Learned, Favorite Places, Memorable Quotes, and Bucket List (Or Things Left To See).

Stickers are now available! We are charging $2, which can be paid through our above PayPal or Venmo links. Make sure you include, or email us, the address you want it mailed to!

I have photographs available for sale through my photography website at Sarah Tepe Photography.

We are also open to sponsorship, so if interested, please contact us at [email protected].

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