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July 26: Relaxing Day, Breakfast Picnic, Snake!

We were all in the mood for pancakes, so we picked up some breakfast items from a restaurant in town and headed into the park to have a breakfast picnic. We had pancakes, some breakfast sandwiches, and fried chicken with a biscuit. It was delicious!

The park was packed, but we managed to find a parking spot by Mammoth Hot Springs. Walking to the picnic table we saw our first snake! Will would have possibly stepped on it if he had continued on his trajectory. No rattles, so we were good. I tried to figure out what kind he was, maybe a gophersnake/bull snake, but I’m not really sure.

Once we were back at the RV, Ben had some work to do, so the boys and I worked on laundry. I was taking a walk around the laundry building to stretch my legs while we were waiting, and I saw a bald eagle sitting in a tree across the river! I loved seeing it. The only other time I can remember seeing one is on a boat ride in the Florida everglades.

Later that night I enjoyed a glass of huckleberry cider after dinner. Huckleberry is huge here. There are huckleberry candies, jelly beans, lotions, soaps, licorice, jam, ice cream, syrup, vodka…

It was a pretty relaxing day.


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  1. I looked it up on the National Park Service website and you’re right, it’s a bullsnake. What’s neat is that they also warn people like a rattlesnake—it’ll coil up and hiss, but since it doesn’t have a rattle it’ll vibrate its tail on the floor to make animals think it’s a rattlesnake. IMPOSTER!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful is funny….. some of my best memories are having breakfast in the park when I was young and then having breakfast with our kids when they were little….reminds me to have breakfast with our little guys. the grandchildren.:) These are memories for a life time and so happy you are making them together!!!! It all goes way too fast!!!!

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