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Wineing in the RV: An Advent Calendar with a Kick

During our Costco adventures, we found a wine advent calendar! Ben got it for me and I have been enjoying it since October. It contains 24 half bottles of wine. I started Advent early this year (on Halloween), because there is no way I could drink that much wine in 24 days! It has been a neat adventure. There are a lot of different types of wines in the calendar, most of which I probably wouldn’t try on my own.

The wine Advent calendar cost $99.99 (+tax). I’ll have a few posts with pictures of the bottles from the wine journey as we prepare for Santa’s arrival over the coming month!

So far I like this type of wineing a lot more than what we normally have in the RV.

NOTE: For you beer lovers, I also saw a beer advent calendar at some locations.

Merry, Merry Advent!

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  1. Keep us updated on which wines you enjoyed…We are so “bad” on knowing good wines and we would appreciate your insight and opinion!!! Such a fun way to learn and enjoy wines!!!!

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