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Thanksgiving Word Find (Travel Trailer Shaped!)

I’m working on a few posts, but didn’t get them ready in time. So instead, here is a Thanksgiving themed word find in the shape (vaguely) of a travel trailer. 🙂 I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow!

For a printable version of the word find, click here!

Click here for the answer sheet!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving and thank you so much for bringing us such joy and a sense of adventure…. With covid keeping us at home and more cautious, you have taken us places and on adventures we never expected or imagined…. You have been so faithful and so dependable… Please let Wil and Nick know they are movie stars in our home and we love the videos they have produced and directed and starred in!!!!! You have made us feel part of the world!!!! Love, hugs and gratitude…. may God continue to bless and protect you……

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