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Trying The Crazy Shakes at Terry’s Grocery & Pizza/Terry’s Ice Cream Dairy Bar

We, especially Ben, used to pass by Terry’s Grocery & Pizza many times over the summer on the way to Rocky Fork Lake. They are known for their pizza. However, several years ago, they added an ice cream shop at the back of the store.

Terry's Grocery & Pizza (click to enlarge)

The Dairy Bar is located at the back of the store. There is some indoor seating, but there is also a nice covered patio in the back with tables to enjoy your treats or food at. You can order inside the store or at the patio window.

Terry's Inside (Dairy Bar) (click to enlarge)

It was a cooler, rainy day when we went. It worked in our favor because there was no line! During the summer, the lines for the crazy shakes can get long. There are so many eye-catching shakes available! They cost $10, but we shared two shakes between the four of us (so unless you are a teenaged boy, you can probably share one–especially the ones with cake or donuts on top).

Outdoor patio (click to enlarge)

We ended up getting the Dirt Road and the Over The Rainbow shakes. Both were delicious, although the Over The Rainbow was much sweeter with the strawberry shake and cake. The Dirt Road was the right level of sweetness for us adults (cookies and cream, I think), although both were delicious. Some of the shakes have non-edible decorations; the Dirt Road shake came with a toy excavator, which is now on the car’s dashboard. (The car wanted a souvenir too. 😉 )

Crazy Shakes (click to enlarge)

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Milk Jar

We have been wanting to try a rolled ice cream for a while now. The timing and location just hadn’t worked out before. While we were out of town, a new place called the Milk Jar went in. The one location offered rolled ice cream!

They had a lot of different flavors. The rolled ice cream was $7. You pick a base flavor (we did Cookie Monster/cookies and cream) and then you can add unlimited toppings after it is rolled up. They start with a liquid base and pour it on the cold surface. An Oreo cookie was added and chopped up and then mixed with the freezing ice cream. The mixture was then spread thinly over the metal surface and rolled into strips.

click to enlarge

It was fun to watch and the ice cream was good, but at $7 for a bowl, it is a sometimes treat for us.

VIDEO: Rolled Ice Cream

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Cape Charles, Virginia

This cute little town was about 18 minutes from our campground. It is set on the water, so there was a beach area to enjoy. There was also the main street (Mason St.) that was lined with shops and restaurants. We really enjoyed walking around the town. Parking was free when we were there, mostly on-street, although there was a parking lot by behind the main street and also over by the marina.

There were some really cute stores, where we picked up some gifts for people. There seemed to be an ice cream store almost every block. We tried Brown Dog Ice Cream and tried the turtle ice cream (this turtle had a chocolate ice cream base instead of vanilla). As we walked further along, we stopped at the bakery and picked up a Nutella loaf of bread and some shortbread cookies. Our final treat of the day was at Cowlick’s Creamery where we tried a peanut butter ice cream (custard). Both of the desserts were really nice.

The boys loved finding the little libraries scattered around town. There were 4 listed on the map, but we found an extra one near the beach. They didn’t have much luck finding a book, but were able to drop some of theirs off for others to enjoy.

Sand Dunes at Chesapeake Bay, Virginia

We walked along the beach for a few minutes and saw a crab and a few shells. We also saw some small jellyfish on the beach, although I’m not sure what kind they were.

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The Hunt for Large Items

If you’ve seen my personal Facebook, you have probably seen pictures of Will next to large objects. We’ve been trying to find quirky stops and large objects every place we go, some places have a lot more to see than others. For Denver, we had an entire morning mapped out with ideas from

Because it was just the boys and I, we didn’t stop and get out of the truck at all the items on our list. Some of the areas were a little questionable and I wasn’t comfortable getting out of the car. We drove through some really nice areas of town, some not so nice areas of town, and past several homeless camps. It was a little eye opening for the boys and a learning experience as well.

We did end up being able to stop at 4 different locations for the pictures. One of the favorites for everyone was a giant milk jug. It is an ice cream store, so of course we tried their ice cream. I think the boys’ next favorite was either the dog at the humane shelter or the big blue bear.

Some of the other objects we saw (but I was driving and couldn’t grab a picture) was a 3 legged chair, a dust pan and broom, and a smoke stack painted like a No. 2 pencil.

It’s been really fun trying to see quirky objects in the different towns we go to.

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July 25: The Hike That Wouldn’t End

Ben wanted to go on a fairly easy hike, mostly flat, under 5 miles.

I found one on AllTrails that looked like it could work. It was 5 miles and listed as moderate, which most of the ones around here were. The only easy listed trails nearby were ones we had already one near attractions in the park. The reviews made it seem like the hill in the beginning is what made it moderate, so I thought it would be fine if it evened out later. Nope! I should not be allowed to pick the trails we do in the parks. At home I did ok, but I clearly haven’t adjusted to here yet. 3 hours and 39 minutes later we make it back to overlook the parking lot.

It was a bit more strenuous than I had been expecting. There were several flat areas, some next to a large drop down. A few small bridges. No wildlife other than some feather remains and butterflies. At one of the ponds, we did see what may have been a dam, but no beavers. It was a bit of a let down in terms of hikes.

By the end, everyone was exhausted and a little cranky. The best part was that by pure circumstance, the trail dumped us pretty close to where we had parked the truck!

We were all so tired and sore when we got back to the truck. We stopped at the creek to dip our feet in and the numbing cold water felt amazing. Driving back into town, we stopped at Scoop! There It Is ice cream trailer and got some huckleberry ice cream.

Later that night we drove to the park and stopped to look at the stars! There were so many more than what we get to see at home!

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Terry’s Grocery & Pizza (click to enlarge)
Terry’s Inside (Dairy Bar) (click to enlarge)
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Sand Dunes at Chesapeake Bay, Virginia