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Halloween In A RV

We finished up decorating the RV for Halloween this week. The decorations are mostly on the outside, although I do have a mini pumpkin and skeleton bat on the mantle/over TV.

We have a skeleton on the rear ladder, a spiderweb wreath on the front door, a skeleton hand sticking out of the marigold, googly monster eyes on the family room slide out, skull banner along the front and back, bat fencing by the right corner, and a solar eyeball on the left. Finally, we added paper bats* to the outside of the RV.

We have boo’d our neighbors for years and the boys wanted to keep the tradition going. This year, we just did one bag. It was a reusable pumpkin bag filled with a plastic skeleton, skull coffee mug, witch fingers suckers, 3D erasers, Halloween themed mini pens, Tootsie Pops, Halloween themed towel, and a candy corn container. We also added a container of Play-Doh. Last night we boo’d one of the RV’s in the campground. The kids picked one that was super decorated for Halloween.

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  1. I just love how you are keeping traditions alive as you travel..It is such a reaffirming thing to know the boys love and enjoy the family traditions. You are doing a fabulous job celebrating together and it goes to prove ,”Home is where the heart is.” or should I say where the spooky decorations are!!! 🦹🏼‍♂️🎃🎃👻

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