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Gatlinburg SkyPark

There had been some changes since the last time we were in the Gatlinburg area, including the addition of the SkyPark.

There are two ticket options: a one way (it’s an up & down) ticket, or a SkyPass (allows you to go up multiple times in 1 day). We did the one way ticket since you can walk over the bridge as many times as you want once you’re up there. The only limiting factor is the amount of times you can ride the lift up.

Reaching the top, you are greeted with a shop area (SkyCenter) to the right, a fountain and stairs to the bridge straight(ish) ahead, and a picnic area to the left. We explored the bridge first. It is mostly a wooden bridge, the kind that sways if you bounce on it or walk toward the sides instead of in the middle. There is a section with glass panels so you can look down. On the other side of the bridge, is a small seating area, some signs pointing out parts of the view, and a small gift shop. NOTE: If you want a SkyBridge ornament, you need to buy it here. They do not sell it in the main shop area.

We decided to take the trail over to the tower to take in more of the views. There were benches scattered along the trail, along with fans. We appreciated the breeze when we reached the fans as it was pretty hot and humid the day we went.

We sat in the upstairs of the SkyCenter and enjoyed the air-conditioning and the great views. They sold souvenirs, drinks, and snacks. There is a pressed penny machine, but it wasn’t working when we were there, so Nick wasn’t able to get one for his collection.

It was a neat experience and the views were great. However, if you have mobility issues, the bridge might be challenging as it does sway. I think it is more of a one and done type of experience.

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