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Elfing Around: Adventures of the Mini-Elf Days 4-11

This elf gets around!

With just four rooms, it has been a challenge for him to hide and observe. However, he is making the most of the small space as we all are.

Mini-E likes to go high for optimal viewing perspective. This round, he found his way onto valences, slide outs, stockings and even behind the mirror on the medicine cabinet.

Days 4-7

NOTE: The oldest found Mini-E in the bathroom to be creepy because he felt watched while he went. The family has requested E provide some privacy and abstain from bathroom watching in the future. Looks like he is down to just three rooms.

Days 5-11

Days 8-11 found Mini-E hiding in Will’s messy desk, behind Ben’s green screen he uses for work, sleeping on our bedroom slide, and in the pantry guarding the bag of chips.

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