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Costcos We Have Visited

If you know us at all, you know we are big Costco fans. Why, you may ask. Well, we like the quality of some of the items we get there, the cost savings on others, and the fun of seeing the stock change multiple times a year. Although we can no longer store the huge amounts of toilet paper or some of the other things we used to buy, we still love finding a Costco near us to get some of our essentials. Some of our favorites include protein drinks for Will, organic chicken and ground beef, precooked turkey breast and chicken strips, frozen burgers, and bottles of water. I am also a huge fan of the mac and cheese and mashed potatoes for an easy side to move day dinners. It’s a great place to find shoes and clothes for the boys now that they are growing like weeds. Will has sprouted several inches just on this trip, so we have had to replace a lot of clothes.

Costco is like a treasure hunt for us. We like to find what is different at each one; not every Costco offers different items, but we can usually find at least one new thing. In Texas, it was the Texas-proud reusable bags. In Florida it was guava topped cheesecake and flan.

Of course, it’s hard to go wrong at the Food Court too. The hot dog/drink combo and pizza are good deals for a quick meal.

Along our trip, we have tried to take a picture outside of each one. Sometimes I forget, so these are a few of the ones we have been to!

Here are the ones we have been to since moving into the RV:

  • Ohio: #1185 Dayton, Deerfield #384 (our favorite one back home). Updated to add #1226 Boston Mills (had diesel), #334 Mayfield Heights/Cleveland
  • Montana: #96 Bozeman
  • Colorado: #1030 W Colorado Springs, #629 Thornton, #1014 Colorado Springs East, #439 Aurora
  • Utah: #672 St. George (had diesel)
  • Nevada: #1320 SW Henderson, #673 Henderson
  • California: #781 Chula Vista, #401 Morena Blvd, #488 Mission Valley, #460 Rancho Del Rey (had diesel)
  • Arizona: #1079 Tucson
  • Texas: #1173 Fort Worth, #655 Dallas (business center), #693 Sonterra Park/San Antonio, #689 San Antonio, #1006 Selma, #1189 Houston (Woodlands)(had diesel)
  • Louisiana: #1147 New Orleans (No self service stations or pizza order phone number.)
  • Florida: #1235 S Orlando, #1023 Kendall/Miami
  • South Carolina: #360 Charleston (How are there none near Savannah?), #1319 Mount Pleasant, #338 Myrtle Beach (had a garden center)
  • Virginia: #247 (Williamsburg/Newport News), #202 Norfolk, VA

Costco is even international! According to their April 2021 sales report “Costco currently operates 809 warehouses, including 559 in the United States and Puerto Rico, 105 in Canada, 39 in Mexico, 29 in the United Kingdom, 29 in Japan, 16 in Korea, 14 in Taiwan, 12 in Australia, three in Spain, and one each in Iceland, France, and China. Costco also operates e-commerce sites in the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and Australia.” As you can tell, we have many more to go, even in just the US.

Below are some of the cool things we have seen along the way.

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  1. We love Costco too! They are great if you need to return something! They offer great customer service!

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