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Campground Light Up Bike Ride Parade

Our campground (RV Resort) has been really good about having weekend events. Thursday normally has BINGO, Friday has a movie by the pool, Saturday has a kid activity (decorating rocks, pumpkins, Halloween craft), there has been a food truck, and Sunday mornings they offer $1 donuts up by the office.

Last weekend, they had a light up bike parade through the campground. The boys really wanted to do it, but didn’t have lights for their wheels. They checked in with the front office who was selling and attaching the lights. They each got a color changing set for their back wheels (they’re getting a set for their front wheels for Christmas).

Everyone gathered by the office. There was music playing and a pretty large group. I want to say at least 30 people. It wasn’t just kids either! Most people were on bikes, but there were a few scooters, skateboards, and even some golf carts. Some were super lit up, some just had a glow necklace on. The campground led the drive with one of their decorated golf carts, while another staff member rode on her really cool bike playing music. The group rode down each street in the campground and then headed back to the office. VIDEO: RV Resort Light Up Bike Ride

The boys had a blast! It was fun watching everyone drive past.

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