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Trying The Crazy Shakes at Terry’s Grocery & Pizza/Terry’s Ice Cream Dairy Bar

We, especially Ben, used to pass by Terry’s Grocery & Pizza many times over the summer on the way to Rocky Fork Lake. They are known for their pizza. However, several years ago, they added an ice cream shop at the back of the store.

Terry's Grocery & Pizza (click to enlarge)

The Dairy Bar is located at the back of the store. There is some indoor seating, but there is also a nice covered patio in the back with tables to enjoy your treats or food at. You can order inside the store or at the patio window.

Terry's Inside (Dairy Bar) (click to enlarge)

It was a cooler, rainy day when we went. It worked in our favor because there was no line! During the summer, the lines for the crazy shakes can get long. There are so many eye-catching shakes available! They cost $10, but we shared two shakes between the four of us (so unless you are a teenaged boy, you can probably share one–especially the ones with cake or donuts on top).

Outdoor patio (click to enlarge)

We ended up getting the Dirt Road and the Over The Rainbow shakes. Both were delicious, although the Over The Rainbow was much sweeter with the strawberry shake and cake. The Dirt Road was the right level of sweetness for us adults (cookies and cream, I think), although both were delicious. Some of the shakes have non-edible decorations; the Dirt Road shake came with a toy excavator, which is now on the car’s dashboard. (The car wanted a souvenir too. 😉 )

Crazy Shakes (click to enlarge)

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Terry’s Grocery & Pizza (click to enlarge)
Terry’s Inside (Dairy Bar) (click to enlarge)
Outdoor patio (click to enlarge)
Crazy Shakes (click to enlarge)