Trading in the Minivan for a Truck

I have always had a not so favorable impression of truck ownership.

In retrospect, I profiled.

Those huge, fuel guzzling, polluting, road hogs, just showing off, was what I thought of truck owners. Although I made exceptions with my narrow mindedness to respect those that had working trucks (i.e.-farmers, horse trailers, mechanics,…). As long as they did not have a shiny new paint job, fancy aftermarket rims, lifted suspension or truck nuts, I was okay….

Well, humility is a funny thing to gain at any time in your life. For me, I was today years old when I realized what all the buzz is about trucks.

I was a reluctant purchaser. I didn’t want (nor could I afford) to buy a Class A motor home. Although I looked hard, I couldn’t find anything that could pull a 10,000 lb trailer that wasn’t a truck.

Side note: I really don’t want to start a debate with those that have modified their Honda Civics to pull 12,000 lbs across country and have scaled the Himalayas pulling a 38′ travel trailer with the fresh water tank full. Modifications can and are done to make Tahoes, Escalades, Yukons and other SUVs capable of hauling big weight. I allow for that. I just know our experience level did not allow for us to do it. If you have, you are amazing. I respect and honor you. You’re better than us. I digress.

So, after much fretting and gnashing of teeth, I jumped into the truck market. Well, I dabbled and played on the internet to try to just kind of get into the truck market. It didn’t work. We ended up full in on the truck with a Ram 2500, Cummins Diesel, Mega Cab with an integrated towing package. The dealer said it is the first time he has ever traded in a Mini van for a diesel truck. Our truck is a monster and I love it. There are a million practical reasons why my logic got us into this unicorn of a truck (most of them around safety, legroom and towing capacity), but in the end, I think it is going to be very hard to go back to a regular car.

The only shortcoming I can see so far is every time I get into the driver seat I hear Krusty the Clown singing in my head. Canyonero…..


Truck nut free since at least 2003. (If it rhymes it has to be good.)

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