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Gretel’s Candy House

Hi guys, it’s Nick and this is my blog about this candy place in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina so here is the story. My Dad and I were driving home when we saw this candy store. We had seen it before and thought it would be fun to go to, so we drove on over and got some pictures of it from the outside. Then we went in, well let’s just say the outside is the cool thing about this place.

Inside it had two things that looked cool: one was called a Goo Goo Cluster and the other was Devil’s Toe. There is a big fake tree in the middle but that is it. It was just about all the normal candy you get at a basic candy or grocery store. I would not most likely go back to this place, but it is good for pictures and there is an ice cream place across the street. People were using this places parking for it though. So that is our candy store adventure.

Video: Walking in Gretel’s Candy House

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  1. Nick, I think you experienced what I would call the “Hansel and Gretel factor…have you read this fairy tale? It so reminds me of the story and I bet your Mom and Dad know the story…:). Thanks so much for your blog . It really held my interest and your review was both fun and helpful.. We look forward to your updates….Happy travels

      1. Nick, I agree with you. The outside is the best and it would have attracted me as well. Nice job on your blog!

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