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Blackouts Aren’t Always Bad

Blackout curtains, so many uses! Ok, not a ton, but they really do help! Most RVs come with aluminum blinds (they bend and break very easily, just like the kind we grew up with), or the pleated shades/paper blinds. They do keep some light out and afford you some privacy.

After living in the RV for 1 day, the boys already bent their aluminum blinds. I ordered custom blackout curtains for the boys’ bunks. They velcro right onto the frame. This way there was no ripping the curtain out/down while tossing and turning.

During the summer, we realized that a ton of heat was coming in through the windows. We had always had blackout curtains at our sticks and bricks, so we picked some up from Target. I didn’t want to do a whole crazy project, so I just trimmed the cloth to the right length and stapled them to the back of the valence board. I also stapled some ribbon to the board so I could tie the blinds up when we wanted to see out. There are a ton of ways you could hang curtains, I just went with easy.

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