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Waco, Texas and Magnolia

After so many people had asked us if we had gone to Waco, we decided to drive the 2.5 hours to see it. We, like many others, watched Fixer Upper, back when we had cable.

The Gaines’ have done a great job in their shopping area. There were food trucks, covered outdoor eating areas, water stations (closed for Covid), and the whole area was laid out very nicely.

I got a Southern Sweet Tea from the Alabama Sweet Tea food truck and a Mac Daddy mac and cheese from the Cheddar Box food truck. Both were really good! The sweet tea came in a mason jar with a reusable lid and straw–very cute.

We didn’t get to try the Magnolia bakery, as the line was very long and moved slowly. The store also had a line to get in, but this one moved pretty quickly. It had a bags, T-shirts, hats, and Christmas decorations. There were some cute items, but since Christmas had already passed and we need to travel light, we didn’t get anything.

After exploring the Magnolia area, we walked around Waco for a little bit. There were other stores on the main street, but it seemed like all the people were over at Magnolia! We only saw a few other people.

Other than seeing Magnolia and a few small touristy things, Waco was like any other small town we have driven through.

Random Historical Signs we saw walking around Waco.

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