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Sleeping In The Trailer For The First Time (June 6)

It’s home! The travel trailer is in the driveway for now. We are making adjustments to the kids’ bunk room to make it more usable for when school starts. Beginning Tuesday we have reservations at a campground for a month before we start this whole traveling journey. The month is to give us time to get the house ready for listing and to also give us practice with all things RV before we actually begin our trip.

It’s been a busy couple of days. We got a desk installed on one wall and made some storage modifications under the dinette seats. I got the TPMS sensors placed on the trailer (the truck has it’s own tire pressure gauge) and the monitors for the trailer back up camera and the TPMS set up.

ANYWAY, back to the title of the post. The boys were so excited about the new camper (we have had it for a whole 2 days at this point) and that their room was close to being ready. They wanted to sleep in there tonight, even though it was almost 90 today (it’s supposed to get down to 60 tonight)! So armed with a flashlight, Ben’s cell phone, and some fans, they are sleeping in their new room tonight. I am sleeping in the house where it is air conditioned.

The Next Day

I checked on the boys before I went to sleep last night and they were still up around midnight. They slept in this morning and I went in to find two curled up blanket lumps in their beds. And an apple juice bottle on the floor. Except…we don’t have any apple juice. Yup, you may have guessed it. Nick had drank so much water that he had to pee during the night and the RV was not hooked up to water. He used his empty water bottle. Not a horrible solution, but it was laying on it’s side when I found it. Luckily the cap was on well and no leaks were had. (Note: I did correct the bottle position before taking the picture because I didn’t want pee all over my new RV floor!)

NOTE: The water bottle trick actually came in handy again when we had to boondock. When all the slides are in, the boys can’t get to the bathroom without exiting the RV and going through the master bedroom. You know, when I was younger and pre-kids, I don’t think I would ever have thought “Hey, do you have an empty water bottle for the night?”


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