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Shaved Ice or Snowballs: The North vs The South

When it’s hot outside, one of the boys’ favorite treats is a shaved ice. Back home in Ohio, we also sometimes get an ice ball. It is ice cream topped with a shaved ice. Shaved ice are pretty common, but only a few places offer an iceball.

I’ve noticed that down south, that a snowball is what we call a shaved ice and you can “stuff” it with ice cream. Topping it with a drizzle of sweet milk (aka condensed milk) is a common offering as well. I thought that sounded gross, until we tried it. It’s actually good! It adds a creamy texture to the shaved ice and a different type of sweetness.

The boys got a shaved ice with condensed milk in New Orleans. We tried a Hawaiian shaved ice in new flavors in Savannah at Hokulia. Hokulia had large servings, was on one of the main streets in Savannah, but also had a long line and was slow getting out orders. Everything had a nice flavor though. In South Carolina, I got a Mudslide (coffee and chocolate flavored) snowball from Pelican’s Snoballs. They had a nice outdoor seating area, was right off of Highway 17, had a ton of flavors, and the staff was very nice.

What do you call it (shaved ice, Hawaiian ice, snoball, snowball…)? What’s your favorite flavor?

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