Selling Our Truck

Hello everyone!

We’ve been busy with school, soccer, reffing jobs for the kids, and life in general. We are making a couple of vehicle changes as well. We have decided to sell our truck. Fred (what we named the truck), has been amazing. I never thought I would be a truck person, but I love sitting up high and having lots of room.

However, for the apartment/townhome complex we are living in, it is a lot of truck. Fred wants to be hauling tools or another RV, not taking short trips to school and back home again. He’s bored and used to a more glamorous life.

We want him to find a good home. He is up to date on his oil changes, just had a transmission flush, brakes checked, and new tires put on. He has been detailed inside and given a fresh bath. He is looking forward to his next adventure.

You can see our listing for the truck here.

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