RV Sticker Club

One of the neatest things we found along our journey was a sticker exchange club on Instagram called the RV Sticker Club. Campers/travelers of all kinds (RV, bus, van, car) can find people to trade stickers with. We love seeing all the different designs, sizes, and shapes these stickers come in.

It’s a fun way to “meet” different people. We used the logo my sister created for us and ordered stickers through Sticker Mule. Sticker Mule has a ton of different options! We played it pretty safe for our first design and got an oval with the logo on it.

So far, we have traded with a lot of people in the USA, some from Canada, Germany, and we even sent one to France!

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One of my latest projects has been to figure out how to store all the stickers. We have a binder with our travel postcards and our stack of National Park Service maps, but how are often are you going to take out a book or binder to look at it? The stickers are neat and colorful, so we thought about displaying them on the wall. We had a big blank spot over our couch that was perfect. I bought a large frame and started applying the stickers. I’m pretty happy with it so far and made sure to leave space for more trades!

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