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Disney vs Universal: Which Park Should We Go To?

We wanted the kids to experience one of the big theme parks while we were in Orlando, Florida. The debate was which one?

I know die-hards on both sides of the fence.

We had been to Disney when the boys were younger, back in 2012. Nick doesn’t really remember much from our day in Disney. I remember we all had fun, although it was a long day with a melt-down followed by a nap and dinner, before we headed back into the park for the parade and fireworks.

When we went to compare the two parks, the pricing structure of each seemed to be about the same. I did notice that both had a “Starting At” price for the tickets, but there were very little dates for that lowest price.

We had the boys look at the brochures we had picked up from the Welcome Center to see which one they would prefer to go to. Disney’s brochure seemed to focus on images of younger kids, which was a bit of a turn off to my tween and teen. For us, a map would also have made the brochure better! However, they had heard about Disney trip from school friends at school about going to Disney, so that was a big appeal was well. Universal’s brochure seemed to focus on older kids and also had a map. A big appeal for us was the Harry Potter features.

Disney Brochure

Universal Brochure

We have a “fun” budget for things we want to do along the way (like surf lessons and amusement parks). We still have 5 months to go in our trip, so Ben and I decided that we were only going to go to 1 park for 1 day, as tickets were a little pricey.

Which park would you choose?

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