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Frankfort, Michigan

Although we stayed in Bear Lake, we frequently went into Frankfort, Michigan. Frankfort was about 15 minutes away and was a cute town. There was a grocery store and gas stations near town. The main street had several restaurants, a bookstore, bakeries, and a neat beach area with a lighthouse. We found a Little Library and a Little Art Library.

There were several ice cream places in town as well, and the two we tried were both good. The bagels from L’Chayim were delicious, the ice cream cake from Kilwin’s was amazing (but expensive), and The Bookstore was fun to explore.

On Nick and Mom Day, we walked the jetty to the lighthouse. It was very foggy and you couldn’t see the lighthouse from the shore when we started. We spent some time on the beach at the swings. After telling Ben about the fun things at the beach, we all headed there the next clear day. The benches and swings all face the Lake! There were also a few sand volleyball nets. Restrooms were near the parking lot. It was a great place to relax. You could swim there, and some people were, but the water was too cold for us.

Frankfort was a nice walking town. If you are in the area, I would check it out!

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Tiffany’s Cafe in Empire, Michigan

Ben and I went on a little date and stopped at Tiffany’s Cafe in Empire, Michigan. It was a warm day, so we each got a shake and a chicken cherry wrap to share.

I got a coffee shake and Ben tried a Boston Cooler. The Boston Cooler was ginger ale and vanilla soft serve. It could be served like a root beer float or blended into a shake. We got the Boston Cooler shake and it was surprisingly good! We didn’t have high expectations for a ginger ale shake, but it was nice and refreshing. It’s something that we want to try making at home!

If you are in the area, it’s a cute spot to stop.

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Geneva On The Lake

Ben and I drove over to Geneva On-The-Lake for our anniversary dinner. We found a location on the lake that had an outside dining area.

We ate at the Old Firehouse Winery. There was live music playing and the views were great of Lake Erie. There were a lot of tiny birds around looking for crumbs.

The food was tasty, although a little slow coming out. Ben got a steak wrap and I got the burger on a pretzel bun.

The town must be very busy during peak tourist season. It reminded me of a smaller Gatlinburg/Myrtle Beach type of town.

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Eating New York: Tomato Pie

We were at Wegman’s grocery store and saw something called a tomato pie. It was in a cardboard box, so we couldn’t see it very well, other than it had crust and a tomato based topping. We thought we would give it a shot.

We got home, unpacked, made dinner, and thought we would try the “pie” for dessert. Did you catch the quotes there? Yup, it was a pizza pie, as in a pizza with no cheese. What?! Who in their right mind makes pizza without cheese.

You would have thought I had learned my lesson that New Yorkers, who are supposed to have great pizza, are weird and don’t always put cheese on their pizzas. Nope. A few days later, I was ordering pizza online from a restaurant down the street from the campground. I ordered a few different things, including and “Old Fashioned Pizza” with half pepperoni. Guess what? No cheese! The other specialty pizza we got had cheese listed, so I just assumed that cheese came on all their pizzas (like it should).

So, if you are in New York and ordering pizza, make sure you ask if it comes with cheese (no matter how ridiculous you feel asking, because pizza without cheese is just sauce bread.

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Eating On Grand Island: Adrian’s Custard & Beef

The boys and I picked up lunch from a restaurant down the street from the campground called Adrian’s. Every time we drove by, there were people there, so we figured it must be good!

Click to enlarge

We picked up a few things from the menu: hamburger, cheeseburger, chicken finger sandwich, roast beef sandwich, and some custard. The beef sandwich was called a Beef On Weck. The weck is the bun, a bun topped with salt and caraway seeds. The sandwiches were delicious and I loved the taste of the weck bun.

There were a ton of choices for the custard. We tried peanut butter swirl, peanut butter chip, and Kahlua Almond. It was all really good. We got the small, which had 2 scoops!

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Exploring Buffalo: Hofbrauhaus

We drove around seeing what there was around Buffalo. We stopped at a Farmer’s Market in Clarence and picked up some buttermilk biscuits. We also explored Antique World, which was advertised at Western New York’s largest antique/flea market. There were a few indoor buildings, but most of the booths were located outside. We had fun looking, but didn’t buy anything.

After driving around downtown Buffalo and seeing some sites, we decided to stop in at Hofbrauhaus for lunch.

It was pretty empty while we were there, but everyone was nice and service was fast. They had live music going on, which is always nice. We tried the currywurst, schlachtplatte, and of course the large pretzel with beer cheese.

Our waitress Jordan was nice to talk to and we discovered she is saving with the hopes of traveling the US too!

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Sugarbush Farm: Exploring Cheese and Maple Syrup

We only had a short stay in Vermont and the main goal was to see…MAPLE SYRUP! We found a nearby working farm called Sugarbush Farm. They make maple syrup and cheese and offer free tastings.

We got to try 3 of the 4 types of maple syrup. The farm did not have a lot of the Golden Maple Syrup. The color of the syrup depends on the weather, so the quicker the weather warms up, the less they may have of a certain color/grade of syrup. All of the syrups were tasty. Ben, Nick, and I really enjoyed the Amber. It had a little different taste than the other types. The Dark was the flavor we are used to having (we normally buy the Grade A Dark syrups at the store). Will really liked the Very Dark syrup.

There were also several cheese types we could try. Ben’s favorite was the Extra Sharp Cheddar (aged 4 years), while Nick and I enjoyed the Sage Cheese.

The farm has a walking trail, goats, cows, and horses to see. There are picnic tables in case you brought a picnic. There were also two photo stand opportunities and there were selfie stands set up for those as well.

The maple syrup production area was not running while we were there, but there was an informational video and lots of signs explaining the process.

There was a store located in the tasting building and we went a little crazy buying cheese and syrup. We got to talk to the owner, Betsy. Everyone was incredibly nice at the farm and we really enjoyed our experience there. If you are in the area near Woodstock, Vermont (or Quechee, where our campground was), I would make this a stop on your journey. It’s amazing how much work goes into getting enough sap to make a quart of maple syrup. (Hint: Look at the picture above. It takes 4 1/2 buckets to make 1 quart.) The farm also does mail orders!

VIDEO: Boys Walking Around Sugarbush Farm

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Traveling Lobster

One of the things everyone told us to do on the East Coast was to get the local seafood. Massachusetts’ lobster roll left the taste buds wanting and didn’t seem any different than what we could get back home in Ohio.

Maine was sure to be the mecca for lobster, but we waited quite a while to try one, as prices were high. All lobster (and seafood) items were at market prices. We were there early in the season and prices were still high.

After one of our hikes, we surprised Ben with a lobster roll from lunch from the Travelin Lobster, which was a cute roadside store only minutes from the campground. There were outdoor tables to eat at, or you could order it to-go. It was still expensive ($23.95 for a small), but it looked like a lot more lobster than the one we got in Massachusetts.

Click to enlarge

It came with on a bun, with a bed of lettuce between the bread and the lobster. It also came with a pickle and a bag of chips. Ben said it was cooked well (no “gumminess”) and tasted extremely fresh. The lobster was the star of the meal.

Their lobster is brought in every morning, so once it’s gone it is gone. I would definitely try them if you are near Bar Harbor!

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Cheesecake On Demand: Momo’s Cheesecakes

We were in the mood for something sweet, but a lot of the places were either in downtown Bar Harbor or had already closed. (Lots of places seemed to close pretty early.) We didn’t want to go back into Bar Harbor, as it was getting busy and the parking had been full when we left. After Maps directed us to someone’s house instead of a pie store, Ben found another option. A cheesecake shop that was open 24/7. What?! Yes, please!

Momo’s was located inside a converted garage of the nearby house. There were several display fridges of individual cheesecakes, as well as some whole cheesecakes for sale. Payment was on the honor system and they took cash, PayPal, Venmo, or checks. You could also order a cheesecake and those were placed in a separate fridge. The store had boxes or bags to help carry out your goodies and even had stickers available.

There were so many options that we ended up buying 7 slices to try. Our favorites were the mocha and lemon raspberry. Nick and Ben liked the confetti.

If you are in the Bar Harbor area, I would definitely check this place out!

Video: Walking Through Momo’s Cheesecakes

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Jordan Pond House (Acadia National Park)

After our morning hike, the boys and I stopped at Jordan Pond House for lunch. They are known for their popovers and tea.

The prices seemed a little high to me, although there was already a line and a waitlist when we got there a only few minutes after they opened.

We waited about 45 minutes and got a seat in the main room. There are some tables with a nice view of the pond, so I would ask for a window seat!

I ended up getting tea and we all tried a popover. They were good (but still just a regular popover). It was a beautiful setting to relax in. There was a trail around the pond as well (about 3 miles).